Social media


Why is social media important?

In 2015, the use of social media is a must, no longer a ‘would be nice’. Its value now occupies the same sphere as being polite in that it humanises your brand, making a connection with customers that encourages them to spend more money and time with your business.

In a world where consumers are increasingly savvy about where they spend their money, trust is a very important factor in decision making. Having your name out there as an active part in the conversation provides the ‘social proof’ that you are reliable and gives the impression of transparency, where any feedback to your brand, good or bad, can be dealt with respectfully and efficiently.




But I don’t have time to post updates on multiple social networking platforms

We know that business owners are busy people and it can be a struggle to find enough time in a day to help customers, interact with business partners, manage employees, and run your business.

All of these things mean that it is even harder to dedicate time to something of a value that cannot be easily measured. And add to that challenge the fact that it’s quite easy to lose track of time when engaging in social media and have minutes turn into hours.

 site-logoFrom a small amount per month Jabbercoms can be your voice

We are social media experts who understand your brand and will take all of the stress out of social media. You won’t even have to think about it: as professionals, we can maintain an engaging presence for you while growing your own online community ready for conversion into paying customers.


  • Be seen by and stay in the spotlight
  • Establish your brand and have it recognised
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Boost sales
  • Shared expertise and knowledge
  • Higher brand authority

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What we do for you monthly

Strategise and run all of your social media marketing for you, logging on daily to ensure that your voice is valued online. We also will show you your social media statistics and analyse these to your benefit. We will broadcast any announcements or offers through these channels, as well as encourage good customer feedback and resolving any queries that come your way from customers.