Get your business into the press!

This week our #BoostYourBusiness campaign focuses on Indulge magazine.

Our lifestyle magazine Indulge allows us to promote a variety of businesses in the area. From fashion, home, food to arts, events, cars and travel; Indulge is your key to getting into the media plus being involved in an ongoing social media campaign. Indulge magazine twitter promotes the magazine, and businesses involved in it every day and currently has a reach of 520,000 people.

Our FREE lifestyle magazine is currently based online which allows no limit to reader location. This is great for your business, especially if you have a website, so those in a whole new area can discover you. An online market is a limitless market.

Got a new product line, an event coming up, or a new menu? Use our magazine to spread the word. People appreciate media content and when it is presented in an easy to read, attractive way it will grab the attention of a potential customer. Not to mention you can save the media pages you’ve been in and put them up on your website, showing you’ve made it into the press; great reassurance to any potential customers.


Get involved! Take a look at our previous issues and contact if you would like to ask any questions about featuring. Follow @indulgemag_ on Twitter.


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Sophie Lemm

The Social Networker

Marketing Executive