Represent your business in a positive light

This week our #BoostYourBusiness campaign focuses on what excellent PR support can do to help you achieve success.

Many people actually struggle to define PR, but there’s no need to complicate it. Simply put, PR is everything your business says or does. Have you ever heard someone say that a certain celebrity’s publicist or PR agent won’t be happy because of something they’re said or done? That’s because it is very easy to come across in a bad light, which reflects onto their brand or company and can have an disproportionately negative impact on, for example, sales.

PR involves social media and any other media relations; essentially anything that goes to the public from your brand’s mouth. It is essential to keep your tone positive and ensure that the right information goes out to current and potential customers, so that you can begin to build up a reputation as a trusted company.

Press releases are a way of letting journalists know your story, and if they are interested they may write an article from, or publish entirely, your release. If you have an anniversary, award win or a new customer you’d like to shout about, then a clear, informative release can help you build relationships with key influencers in your locale, trade and nationwide. The more people know your name the better and even more so when this is linked to an interesting story that people will then associate with your brand.

Not sure where to start? Jabbercoms can get people talking about you: we can distribute already written press releases, or write these for you, circulating them to the right contacts. This is a great way to save money on advertising and readers will understand that journalists want to feature you in their content, rather than be obliged to through a paid feature.

We have a great offer on press support, which means that you can have 6 press releases written and distributed by Jabbercoms for the fantastic price of only £500. Check out our services page for more.

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Sophie Lemm

The Social Networker

Marketing Executive