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These days to hear someone is not on social media is a bit of a shock. Social media is everywhere and if you’re not on it you could potentially miss out on what’s going on in the media world and more importantly your own industry. 97% of all customers search for local businesses online. If all your competitors are online, they will get first dibs. Being online makes the business look trustworthy, successful and easily accessible. Social media will also build your SEO, with shares and visits to your channels increasing your rank in the search engines.

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Use social media to promote your new products or services, tell everyone what’s going on for example if you are holding any events, share industry related articles and videos, and most importantly use it as a tool to drive people to your website. Social media is like the hook; Post an image of a new item or dish for example and link to your website for them to take a look, hopefully leading them to book or purchase.

Any promotions you have you need to let the world know. Your website is the base to all your information, and your social media channels are you speakerphone telling everyone about it.


‘46% of web users look towards using social media when making a purchase’.


For just £350 a month we can set it up and get you started. Think what this could do for your business – raising your voice above the noise. Reach people first, before the press, and have the opportunity to respond first hand to your customers and any queries. This will represent you in a positive light, show that you are active, successful and trustworthy. Showing a positive image for your business is the key to success. Get in touch on / 0330 9001 777


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Sophie Lemm

The Social Networker

Marketing Executive