How to keep your business remembered

This week our #BoostYourBusiness campaign focuses on email marketing.

Push and grow your business through email marketing and tell your customers what’s new! You know when you receive a newsletter in your inbox from your local restaurant? That is email marketing! Imprinting the business name into current customers minds, and promoting any changes, events and vouchers. You want your business to be remembered and email marketing is the perfect way to keep your customers talking about you and coming back.

Your subscribers need to know they can trust you and this reinforcement shows that you are doing well as a business, and thinking about your customers needs. Giving voucher codes away or informing customers about any birthday parties or other events, shows you are active and always thinking of new promotional activity.

Our last email campaign had a 30.92 open rate, almost three times the industry average rate! We can write and send an effective newsletter on behalf of your business and even build up a database if you do not already have one. We raised one clients bookings from 8 to 50 calls, from just one newsletter promoting the upcoming Sunday lunch. This shows email marketing is effective and really does bring in the customers. Get in touch at with any enquiries.

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