First impressions count

Communicating clearly with your customers is essential to keep your brand in a positive light. Copy writing can mean social media, websites, newsletters, leaflets, ads and more. Essentially anything which needs text is copywriting.


‘74% of people pay attention to spelling an grammar on your website.’


Making sure you use correct spelling and grammar is essential to keep up a professional image. Did you know 59% of web browsers would avoid doing business with a company that makes obvious spelling mistakes? First impressions count, and to stand out against competitors you don’t want to let something as silly as a badly worded sentence or spelling mistake loose you a potential customer.


Simply no time to write effective copy? Or no time to keep your copy up to date? We can help. Email or call 0330 9001 777 to enquire about any copywriting you may need doing. We offer great prices and know how to make your brand stand out for the right reasons with effective copy.


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Sophie Lemm

The Social Networker

Marketing Executive