Boost your sales with a website!

Last week we focused on websites as part of our digital campaign #BoostYourBusiness.

So we now offer web design! A website is key to selling your products or services. Did you know a shocking 44-55% of small businesses do not have a website? We can tell you now you do not want to be in that bracket! Get with the times and get your business online.

A website is accessible to the public 24/7, something which you or your shop cannot be. So many people browse products or services in their evenings after work, and the first thing someone does is hit ‘Google’ to find a service they would like.




If you are not online you are missing a huge proportion of potential customers and sales. Sell products or services to a whole online world with no limit to location! You can have someone abroad buying your product or using your service; if it’s accessible online then why stay local?

Establish creditability as a business through a website. A website shows the public your business is successful and trustworthy. No website, no reassurance. 93% of business purchase decisions start with a search engine search. From only £500 we can design and create you a high quality, attractive and informative website. If you would like us to keep it updated with products/menus/new offers and promotions we can also do this for a small fee each month. Much like the airlines – booking a flight and then purchasing the baggage, extra room seats, food and more! We are here to make sure your business stays fresh and updated, and watch your sales flood in!



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Sophie Lemm

The Social Networker

Marketing Executive