Author: Sophie Lemm

How to keep your business remembered

This week our #BoostYourBusiness campaign focuses on email marketing. Push and grow your business through email marketing and tell your customers what’s new! You know when you receive a newsletter in your inbox from your local restaurant? That is email marketing! Imprinting the business name into current customers minds, and promoting any changes, events and […]

Represent your business in a positive light

This week our #BoostYourBusiness campaign focuses on what excellent PR support can do to help you achieve success. Many people actually struggle to define PR, but there’s no need to complicate it. Simply put, PR is everything your business says or does. Have you ever heard someone say that a certain celebrity’s publicist or PR agent […]

The voice of business in Hertfordshire

This week our #BoostYourBusiness campaign focuses on Insight magazine. Jabbercoms produce the magazine on behalf of biz4Biz, the organisation that provides a coherent voice for business in Hertfordshire. Marketing and networking combined, this is the magazine for you if you would like to showcase your business to an extensive network. Insight is written by and features business […]

First impressions count

Communicating clearly with your customers is essential to keep your brand in a positive light. Copy writing can mean social media, websites, newsletters, leaflets, ads and more. Essentially anything which needs text is copywriting.   ‘74% of people pay attention to spelling an grammar on your website.’ Making sure you use correct spelling and grammar […]

Increase your social reach

These days to hear someone is not on social media is a bit of a shock. Social media is everywhere and if you’re not on it you could potentially miss out on what’s going on in the media world and more importantly your own industry. 97% of all customers search for local businesses online. If […]

Get your business into the press!

This week our #BoostYourBusiness campaign focuses on Indulge magazine. Our lifestyle magazine Indulge allows us to promote a variety of businesses in the area. From fashion, home, food to arts, events, cars and travel; Indulge is your key to getting into the media plus being involved in an ongoing social media campaign. Indulge magazine twitter […]

Boost your sales with a website!

Last week we focused on websites as part of our digital campaign #BoostYourBusiness. So we now offer web design! A website is key to selling your products or services. Did you know a shocking 44-55% of small businesses do not have a website? We can tell you now you do not want to be in […]

Launch of website service!

Websites are one of the key tools to a successful business. It keeps your customers engaged and updated with information, products and is the safety net of your business. The first thing we do is Google a company to check it out. If there is no website then we start to question the brand and business […]